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  1. To solve global problems by identifying and being actively part of teams dedicated to doing such.
  2. To learn and master Data Analysis & Statistics.
  3. Read two books each month. My January reads include — ’Atomic habits’ by James Clear & ‘Too Good to Die’ (Chidi Odinkalu &Ayisha Osori). I will be reviewing my reads here, so ensure to check back.
  4. To complete my masters degree program with 2 internship experiences at globally-renowned firms.
  5. Publish news articles, policy reports and two academic papers.
  6. Secure fully-funded scholarship for a PhD in Public policy or Political Science.
  7. Finally, I will ensure to be more visible this year. This is the reason for starting this medium blog.



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Chimdi Chukwukere

Chimdi Chukwukere


MA Candidate, Diplomacy & International Relations with Specializations in Foreign Policy Analysis, National Security and International economics and development