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It’s already the 16th of Janaury, 2021! Does it really matter? Well, I came into last year 2020, full of energy and excitement, not just because I was beginning my masters degree studies at Seton Hall School of Diplomacy and International Relations but moreso, I was eager to explore & experience the culture of the US. I know you too had several plans for the new decade. Yet…

COVID19 said no!

I made loads of progress last year but it remains the most challenging year I have ever faced. Being an international student in the US meant that I had to overcome the culture shock (Jan — March), overcome communication barriers to contribute intelligently to class discussions, and survive — yes, we had to survive. during a pandemic. Yet, to God’s glory, my grades were excellent in both semesters 2020, got accepted into a National Security Fellowship Team, and most importantly made further improvements on my writing & critical thinking skills

To be sincere, online learning is difficult. I will prefer shuttling back and forth from classroom to library than to sit all day in front of a screen. I don’t know if you feel the same way but I am just grateful to God for the strength He gave me all through last year. Not forgetting the #Endsars protests too and its impacts. I choose to be thankful. I choose to be grateful. And for this new year, 2021, I choose to be positive-minded. Definitely will love to travel around the world, be on campus, meet people, be with people but we all have to keep living.

So, my goals for 2021 is quite straightforward. It includes:

  1. To solve global problems by identifying and being actively part of teams dedicated to doing such.
  2. To learn and master Data Analysis & Statistics.
  3. Read two books each month. My January reads include — ’Atomic habits’ by James Clear & ‘Too Good to Die’ (Chidi Odinkalu &Ayisha Osori). I will be reviewing my reads here, so ensure to check back.
  4. To complete my masters degree program with 2 internship experiences at globally-renowned firms.
  5. Publish news articles, policy reports and two academic papers.
  6. Secure fully-funded scholarship for a PhD in Public policy or Political Science.
  7. Finally, I will ensure to be more visible this year. This is the reason for starting this medium blog.

Cheers to a New Year! Hopefully, we will defeat this virus globally and recover all we have lost and missed the previous year. Best wishes! Don’t forget to comment on what you think about this year 2021.

MA Candidate, Diplomacy & International Relations with Specializations in Foreign Policy Analysis, National Security and International economics and development